BioMedX Group, Inc. | Artificial Intelligence
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Powered by Google’s Deep Mind artificial intelligence engine, the BioMedX AI Cloud is the first-of-its-kind to focus on cosmetic surgery dermatology and its related subjects. Everyday, hundreds and thousands of new information are created and published and it is only through breakthroughs in machine learning technologies that we are able to acquire and retain all this information.

As more data is added to BioMedX AI Cloud’s growing knowledge base, the AI connects the dots and groups them into clusters. These clusters may be arranged by age, ethnicity, skin type etc. When a patient’s scanned data is added to the mix, the BioMedX AI Cloud starts to relate the information and apply the ones that are relevant to the patient.

This time-saving step can help doctors to make faster and more accurate diagnoses, calculate the risks far ahead to reduce them, and recommend alternate procedures that are personalized for the patient.